RIMSA Plus USA LLC was founded in 2009 and from the very beginning, we have contracted with the best in the industry. The first project RIMSA Plus USA carried out was at the Volkswagen Plant in Chattanooga, TN, where in addition to the assembly of steel structures, we also installed an innovation; The world’s first Dry Scrubber System. This system allowed for the recovery of more paint, thus making it more ecological than existing systems.

Thanks to this project, we have become known as a company that focuses on innovation and professionalism. The following years were spent contracting with global enterprises such as Honda in East Liberty, OH and a major refinishing project for Mercedes Benz MBUSI Vance, AL. This project, started in 2013, was one of our largest projects at the time with over 30 people working during the peak project period.

In 2014, we worked in Ohio for Plastic Omnium, a global manufacturer of plastic components used in the production of vehicles. On this project, we were involved in the assembly of the drying line as well as control stations.

The ladder part of 2014 was spent working on the Paint Shop project at the Tesla plant in Fremont, CA. We were responsible for assembly of steel structure, oven lines, and conveyor systems. This project lasted through 2016.

However, Tesla is not the only electric car company we’ve contracted with. At the end of 2015, we were awarded a contract at Fisker Karma in Moreno Valley, CA to assemble and install a production line and conveyor system.

At the end of 2016, we began our project at Volvo in Charleston, SC…We spent about two years working at Volvo and continued on to complete the following projects:

Daimler – Ladson, SC (2017)
Plastic Omnium – Greer, SC (2017-Present)