For many years, RIMSA Plus USA has specialized in various types of industrial assemblies, mainly in the automotive and aerospace industries.

  • Our specializations include:
  • Assembly of paint booths
  • Assembly of paint driers
  • KTL and VBH assembly, assembly of paint stations
  • Assembly of painting robots
  • Assembly of complete transport systems EHB, Power & Free, Skid
  • Steel structure installations
  • Commissioning of technological lines

Our company has worked for well-known automotive companies over the years such as VWGoA, Mercedes, Tesla, Karma, Volvo, and others. Our managers and employees have gained their experience by installing steel and mechanical components on projects globally. Our collection of experience has accumulated over the years and allows us to excel at any project around the United States.

They Trusted US!

Our main partners and companies we’ve worked with in the past include:

  • Durr Systems Inc.
  • Eisenmann Corporation USA
  • AMP Consulting
  • Clid Systems/Haco Atlantic
  • Ferag...
  • and others