Be a company that responds “YES” to every design challenge presented by our Partners and Customers, regardless of project location and degree of complexity.


Rimsa Plus USA’s mission is to:

    • Co-participate, through comprehensive services, in the development of modern technologies in the automotive, aerospace, and other industries moving towards the growth of specialization, innovation, and technical progress.
    • Work with global leaders in the modern technologies field of the automotive industry and open itself to the growing group of customers.
    • Meet the expectations of customers in the implementation of projects through fast and flexible operations, using original and unique solutions.



Safety always comes first at Rimsa Plus


We are committed to being an honest and respectable company in this industry. Our customers expect honesty and respectability as do our associates. This has been earned through our performance.


Our goals are to remain innovative, be the best, and continuously improve. We accomplish this through taking pride in our work, having quality control systems in place, and by hiring and training the best employees to help us achieve our goals.


We are professionals committed to saving our customers money through cost-effective solutions and value-added services while making a fair profit.

Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, our customer’s satisfaction dictates which direction our business will propel. Rimsa has continuously exceeded customer’s expectations and will continue to be better and do better into the future.